What I Blank ABout YOU!

The Unconventional and Irreverent Fill-In-the-Blank Book for Your Loved One – Valentine’s, Birthday, Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Ever have something cheeky you’ve wanted to say to your significant other, but couldn’t find the right time or way? The time is now and we’ve created the perfect way for you… You’re welcome. 

“Aren’t fill-in-the-blank books kind of a cop out since someone basically did all the work for you?” Yes. Absolutely. It’s one of the reasons you’re about to buy it. This book is as unique, exciting, and goofy as your relationship. In this book, you’ll be given prompts that are just vague enough so you can personalize them to be as romantic, serious, risqué, sarcastic, naughty, funny, and brutally honest as you want.

Instead of the traditional fill in the blank romance book that assumes all your answers for you, this book provides you a way to show your significant other what it’s really like to be in a relationship with them. After all, it’s the wonderful AND the…not so wonderful things, it’s the G rated storybook romance and the PG-13+ hot and steamy stuff that make your relationship what it is. 

ThE Perfect Gift for

  • Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or any other Holiday where a gift is “expected”


  • Your Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend


  • The person you are in a relationship with but “don’t want to put a label on it”


  • The person you started hanging out with quarantine and are now stuck with


  • Or a “just because” gift for that “special someone” that you won’t find anywhere else


22 Fun Prompts

Each prompt is on its own page with plenty of room on the adjoining page for you to provide an explanation, alternate ways the prompt took your dirty mind, draw an illustration or paste a photo.

Word to the wise: these books are best bought in pairs so you can give one to your significant other. That way they have the chance to retaliate…in love, of course.